Immerse yourself in your music. Forget the outside world exists and just have fun doing what you love. I'll be there to capture it.

Producing/ Songwriting

I am not a good songwriter. I am, however, very good at taking other peoples ideas and helping to grow them into complete, coherent songs!


Whether we've tracked it together, you did it yourself, or it was done at another studio, I'll take your tracks and bring the best out of them.

Vocal Tuning

Sometimes we all need a little help. Take your performance to the next level and achieve radio-quality perfection.


Let's face it. Mastering can be tricky. You want your songs to sound great on a phone, car or home stereo. I'll work to make sure it does.


With nearly 20 years of drumming experience, I can help lay down the backbone to your creations!



Pogo Recording Studio is owned and operated by Tyler McGuire. It is a professional studio with pro gear, a relaxed and easy going environment, and the knowledge to satisfy your needs! Located outside of Pittsburgh, PA, Pogo Recording Studio is a place to separate yourself from the outside world and get lost in your own creativity.

Specialties include: Drum Tracking, Live Band Tracking, Solo Tracking, Producing, Editing, Mixing, Mastering, Vocal Tuning, and Much More!

Tyler McGuie, Owner, Engineer, Producer


Studio Time...........................................$30/hr





"Great work here at Pogo. Sounds great, and he’s super easy to work with. I’d highly recommend checking it out if you’re an artist!"

- Jessica Sirnic, Independent Artist

Jessica Sirnic

Musicians, I CANNOT recommend this man to you HIGHLY ENOUGH. Absolutely wonderful to work with in every way. Very knowledgeable. Amazing musical ear and input. I couldn’t imagine working on this project anywhere else!

-Megan Paullet, Independent Artist

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"Tyler knows his stuff on the recording side, and has a great ear for music. He helped make our Tilted Shadows CD sound great! Pogo Recording Studio offers affordable rates and we had fun recording with him, which was awesome for a studio first timer like me!"

- David Hipchen, Tilted Shadows

David Hipchen

"I have been working with Tyler at Pogo Recording Studio recently and I am beyond impressed. Tyler is professional in every sense of the word. He conducts himself with respect for the artists time by always staying on task and delivering exactly what is asked for. He is on time with the right gear to get the job done as well as the ability to build new gear if needed. Tyler is a carpenter and an electrician as well as an audio engineering wizard. If you need recording, mixing, or mastering give Pogo Recording Studio a call. You will be glad you did. He’s a true WIZARD worthy of King Arthur and the Knights of the round table."

- Dennis Snyderilovetribalfunk.com

Dennis Snyder
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Let's Get to Work

Pogo Recording Studio has a very fun, relaxed environment. It is also a serious place of business. If you are 100% committed to your music, then I am too. Recording your music is about you and your journey with your creations. It's where you take your ideas and bring them to life. I will be there every step of the way to assist in any way possible.

-Tyler McGuire

The Pogo Promise